Updated practice information

Please consider the following 10 points that will help ALL of us:

  1. If you are going to call the practice – please think first! Do you need our service right now or can you manage your symptoms at home? You can use the NHS 111 online service for all medical advice.
  2. Our teams are doing their best to keep themselves safe (we have families too!) and to ensure we are able to continue providing a service for our patients. Please respect the advice regarding social distancing and we request that only the patient should enter the surgery wherever possible. For example – Anyone accompanying the patient will be expected to wait outside or return to collect the patient after their appointment.
  3. Our Reception Team (the real heroes) are already handling 50% more calls. You WILL have to wait longer in the telephone queue. We are sorry for this, but please bear with us! We have a limited number of staff and lines.
  4. We have simplified the process for setting up access to on line services and it is no longer required for ID to be presented at the practice, we shall however need to verify you verbally over the phone. You will be sent 2 separate text messages with a username and password. You can also download the NHS app from the app/play store.
  5. We are unable to issue prescriptions earlier than planned or give you more just in case!  The pharmacies are already struggling and this has a massive impact on the supply chain. DO NOT stock pile and please order ONLY what you need. Look what happened to the loo rolls! You can order prescriptions online via our website or the NHS App.
  6. We are unable to issue you an inhaler just in case! We know it’s a bit scary at the moment but lots of people really need these inhalers and if you get one just in case someone else might not be able to get one at all!
  7. Unfortunately we are unable to advise you whether you should or shouldn’t self-isolate or are at greater risk (If you had an annual flu jab you should consider that you may be in one of the at risk categories) – we have over 10,000 patients registered at the practice so please follow the guidance, we know it’s not perfect but we are following the same guidance as you!
  8. PLEASE DO NOT just present at the surgery unless you have a face to face appointment booked. We will NOT be taking appointment bookings at the reception desk – you will be turned away and asked to ring the practice .
  9. Paper repeat prescription requests can be posted through the  letter box. You do not need to enter the building.
  10. We will still make sure you get the medication you NEED or see a GP/nurse if needed and we will still provide the best possible care. Our staff are working tirelessly and we have a zero tolerance on bad behavior.

    Be sensible and be safe. Look after yourself, your family and each other and then we can look after you when you really need us.